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About Us

Blue Star Roofing and Restoration offers a comprehensive suite of services including the installation of new roofs, roof maintenance, roof repairs and re-roofing services for both Residential and Commercial projects including homes, offices, warehouses and multi-family dwellings

Your roof is more than just a nice visual backdrop for your house. It's the first line of defense for your home against the elements, including rain, wind, and hail. Facing off against the stress of everyday weather can cause plenty of wear and tear for your roof, while large-scale disasters can completely demolish it.

From the first consultation to the moment the last tile is laid, we do everything we can to make sure the goals of your Blue Star Roofing and Restoration project are clear and acceptable to you. The greatest reward we can receive is your satisfaction, and positive word of mouth referrals.


Blue Star Roofing And Restoration’s team specializes in roof replacement and installation. We offer prompt, efficient, quality service with guaranteed satisfaction for every customer. For details, call: (469) 500-1086

We treat every roof like it's our own. That's an easy claim, you could say, but you can read what our customers say here.